So many times throughout the day, leaders hear the voices of nurses who are tired, overworked, and are dying to care again. Time that once was dedicated to spending quality time at the patient's bedside has been usurped by paperwork and administrative duties. How can we continue to work this way? Today's work culture leaves many of us asking why are we doing this to ourselves day in and day out? This session will reignite your passion for caring and help you reexamine your commitment to moving our profession forward. Join this dynamic presenter for a time of renewal and leave reenergized with a passion to care again.

Presentation Objectives:

At the end of the session, the participant will:

Discuss the major driving forces in nurse turnover and burnout

List 4 strategies for formal and informal leaders use to reduce burnout

Discuss the step in working towards a work-life balance


Program Category:  Leadership Development, Change Management, Operational Improvement, Customer Service, Work Culture, Keynote Presentation


Target Audience: Staff nurses, nurse leaders, nurse executives, nursing students   

"I accidentally sat in the wrong session, but I am so glad I did.  He was amazing!"