High workload, leadership/management style, professional conflict and the emotional cost of caring have been the main sources of stress for nurses for many years. Overworked nurses are suffering from fatigue, stress, burnout and other physical maladies which manifests in an increased amount of absenteeism, staff turnover and individuals leaving the field entirely. In this interactive workshop, participants will be introduced to the stress management techniques that combine emotional refocusing and problem solving tools. These techniques have improved nurse retention and prevented burnout by improving perceptions of work intensity and feelings of productivity. Increased feelings of productivity have personal benefits in terms of job satisfaction and reduced stress. Continued stress management techniques that improve perceptions may offset nurse burnout and maintain and/or improve levels of performance.

This presentation includes the use of biofeedback software and requires 4 hours.  A 90 minute high level breakout is also a possibility.


Presentation Objectives:

At the end of the presentation, the participant will:

·        Design a personal action plan to maintain personal well-being and excellence.

·        Identify stress effects, both emotionally and physically and list out their own personal experiences.

·        Learn and practice the emotional refocusing and problem solving techniques.

·        Be able to implement these techniques upon their return to their workplace.


Course Category:  Pre or Post Conference / Stress Management / Staff Retention


Teaching Method:  An interactive lecture using visuals aids and slides


Equipment Requirements:  LCD projector and lavaliere microphone

"Excellent speaker, highly dynamic, easy to follow and enlightening"