You cannot afford to put all your time and energy into work alone. If you put all your time and energy into your job you will have little time for much else. No one know anyone whose dying words were I wish I had spent more time at work! Attend this session and you will learn ways to be effective at work so that you can actually enjoy your work and begin to regain your life away from the office. Your life outside of work takes effort, but the rewards of love and contentment are greater than any job has to offer!


At the end of this session, the participant will:


  1. List five strategies for improving effectiveness at work
  2. List 3 steps to a more balanced work-life
  3. Discuss the negative effects of stress on the human body.

Teaching Method:  An interactive lecture using visuals aids and slides


Equipment Requirements:  LCD projector and lavaliere microphone


Course Category:  Keynote - Clinical/Leadership/Alternative Healing

"I accidentally sat in the wrong session, but I am so glad I did.  He was amazing!"